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"Food, But We Digress..." is a Podcast about Food and Cooking, hosted by two food geeks and cooking enthusiasts : Alex, the host of popular YouTube channel “Alex French Guy Cooking”, and Joshua, the food-obsessed video editor of Alex's videos... Ramen or Pho ? Coffee or Tea ? Neapolitan or NYC Pizza ? They don't always agree, which is good, but boy do they digress... React to it on Twitter using @FBWDpodcast
Have You Ever Been Fooled With "Authentic" Food ? (Alex has #facepalm)February 23, 2022 Episode artwork What is your favourite SHORT Pasta Shape ? (when you thought things couldn't get any geekier)February 15, 2022 Episode artwork What is your favourite LONG Pasta Shape ? (Alex and Josh disagree)February 08, 2022 Episode artwork Double Carbs : Right or Wrong ?February 03, 2022 Episode artwork Raw Croissants & Burnt Butter : What cooking failures can teach usJanuary 25, 2022 Episode artwork Josh bought a "Croissant" in the UK and he actually enjoyed it (Alex is ROFL)January 18, 2022 Episode artwork Would you eat food that smells like SH*T ? (warning explicit smells)December 15, 2021 Episode artwork The World's Best Omelette comes from _ _ _ _ _ _ _ December 07, 2021 Episode artwork Alex is a germaphobe who eats with hands. Wait, what?November 30, 2021 Episode artwork Are Italian Tomatoes OBJECTIVELY better than others ?November 23, 2021 Episode artwork Once you've tasted "Heaven", how to get back to normal ?November 19, 2021 Episode artwork KITCHEN UNITASKERS MUST GO ! (except the Banana-Slicer®)June 02, 2021 Episode artwork That Moment When You Start Making Ingredients Instead of Cooking RecipesMay 26, 2021 Episode artwork Should Just Picky Eaters Grow Up ?May 04, 2021 Episode artwork Rice. (nuff' said)April 27, 2021 Episode artwork Should We Actually Dip Fried Food in Sauce ?April 20, 2021 Episode artwork The Thin Line Between Dough and BatterApril 13, 2021 Episode artwork Chili Addiction is REAL ! (Alex is in a bad way)April 06, 2021 Episode artwork Beer VS Wine (Josh got belligerent)March 30, 2021 Episode artwork The 3 Michelin Star Balloon Fart (Josh is LIVID)March 23, 2021 Episode artwork Mayonnaise VS Hollandaise (Alex is on the fence)March 16, 2021 Episode artwork Show Me Your Kitchen And I'll Tell You Who You AreMarch 09, 2021 Episode artwork The French Paradox has nothing to do with ButterOctober 06, 2020 Episode artwork The Demon ZucchiniSeptember 29, 2020 Episode artwork Breakfast of Champions !September 22, 2020 Episode artwork